Wednesday, 17 July 2024 
  • Reduce defect management time and cost
  • Increase visibility, knowledge and control
  • Manage your workload and assign tasks and snags
  • Track and manage defect status
  • Produce or export bespoke statistical reports, data and graphs
  • Store and share project documents and drawings

Snagmanager is a simple to use online defect management tool for the construction and refurbishment industry that substantially reduces time spent chasing and closing project defects. Centralising project information into one secure and robust database, Snagmanager enables authorised users to effectively control projects, assign defects and report on performance.

Project managers, contractors and clients can use customisable reporting to check the status of individual defects or entire projects at a glance. Bespoke performance reports and graphs can be exported with ease. Snagmanager simplifies the defects distribution process and returns ownership to contractors with automated emails, faxes or SMS text alerts.