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Snagmanager saves 55% on defects management time for Brewers Fayre
Wednesday, 10 May 2006

When Brewers Fayre wanted to improve the quality, speed, cost and flexibility of its defects management processes, they turned to Snagmanager for a solution.

After close consultation, Snagmanager provided an online tool that not only reduced Brewers Fayre’s time spent on snagging by 55% but also reduced cost through improved project visibility and reporting.

With multiple projects on the go and additional projects in development at any given time, Brewers Fayre, a successful division of Whitbread, the UK’s leading hospitality company, was in need of a simple and accessible way to effectively manage defects, projects and contractors.

Their traditional paper-based snagging system, still widely used in the construction industry, caused unnecessary delays and additional administration time - unacceptable in today’s fast moving business environment. Each project manager held separate project snagging lists and there was no central visibility of job status without contacting each project manager, house manager, contractor or trade individually. Defects thought to be completed often remained outstanding for months. With no simple way to check (without making time consuming site visits hundreds of miles apart) projects often remained open with just a tiny unfinished defect.

Snagmanager, the easy to use online defect management tool, simplifies the defects management process for both project managers and contractors. Tasks, defects and snags are recorded, assigned and managed online. Automated individual snagging lists are shared by email, text and fax, enabling more projects to be completed to schedule each year.

Since introducing Snagmanager in 2002, Brewers Fayre has reduced time spent chasing outstanding defects by up to 55%. Simple reporting tools have offered increased project and contractor visibility, ensuring that work carried out is to the high standard expected and within the contractually agreed timeframes.

Simon Lancaster, Senior Projects Manager, Whitbread PLC says, “Snagmanager has made my day to day job easier. The solution allows project managers and contractors to seamlessly integrate the final stages of refurbishments on our properties. We are saving an average of 55% on our defects management time by reducing the need for repeat site visits and administrator follow-up."
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