Wednesday, 17 July 2024 
Snagmanager is an online solution for the management of Defects, Snags, Tasks and Projects within the construction industry.
Centralising project information into one secure and robust database, Snagmanager enables multiple layers of authorised personnel to effectively control projects, assign defects to contractors and report on either global or individual contractor performance. Using customisable filters within the reporting section, projects managers, area managers, contractors or individual clients can see at a glance the status of defects or entire projects and seamlessly communicate via email and SMS texting.
Contractors can view their workload, report on their own performance, print "snagging lists" and of course close jobs.
Project managers can easily setup new projects using multiple choice selections, set up new contractors and report on all aspects of the defect/project status.
Administrators have full access to whole range of reporting and analysis outputs.

If you would like further information on Snagmanager, please contact or telephone +44 1727 861932